Nex-Pand is a patented, noiseless and non-explosive solution that is perfect for sensitive projects where blasting is prohibited. This simple, easy to use product allows the owner/contractor to do his own rock and concrete breaking without the risks associated with more regulated and controlled rock breaking products.

To determine how much Nex-Pand you’ll need, please apply the following rules;
32mm drill hole – 1.1kgs per running meter
32mm drill hole – 1.3kgs per running meter
34mm drill hole – 1.5kgs per running meter

  • When you can’t use explosives
  • When you don’t have the requisite permits or training to use other products
  • When the job is highly sensitive and the potential to do surrounding damage is very likely (HIGH)
  • Where safety is paramount
  • Good control of breakage
  • Works quietly and securely
  • Safe & simple to use
  • No special preparation needed besides the drill holes
  • Quiet with no dust or flying debris
  • Efficient & cost-effective
  • Pressure = 18,000 PSI
  • Takes approximately 24 hrs (but have short-cuts if time is of the essence)
  • Works in temperatures as low as -5°C, and as high as 40°C
  • No toxic fumes
  • Easily washes away with water
  • Environmentally friendly

Do both of these at the same time:

  • You can drill the holes oversize, for example instead of drilling them the 36mm diameter you can drill them 45mm diameter keeping the holes 300mm apart.
  • You can keep the 36mm diameter holes and reduce your hole spacing to 24cm apart.

Yes you can, just space your holes at 15 – 20cm apart.

  • Electric drills
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Hydraulic drills
  • Yes you can, as long as it is covered after you have poured it. This will prevent the rain water diluting the mixture.
  • If the holes are full of water already, you have to blow the water out before pouring, then cover with plastic to prevent water from diluting the mixture.